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Are your feelings eating you up?

This is the entry (submitted by artist Zoe Westwood) that won the British Obesity Society’s 2015 poster competition.

The message is clear: people sometimes eat in an attempt to overcome “bad” feelings; unhappily for them, it’s a strategy that doesn’t usually work in the way intended. They are unlikely to feel very much better – but they will probably get fatter!

Of course there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to “a little bit of what you fancy” – but that “little bit” must stay a little bit. Too much is always too much!

One important way in which hypnotherapy can help people seeking to control their weight is through addressing the “bad feelings” that underpin some eating habits.

“The psychologic factors in obesity are paramount…Treatment of the patient should be based on an understanding of the psychologic reasons for his overeating”. – S. Charles Freed, endocrinologist, 1947.