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Book review: Ten Stories about Smoking

Smokers need to understand their habit. Unfortunately, cigarette smoke clouds insight.

Most smokers can hazard a guess at why they started to smoke, but the hazarded guesses can become somewhat woollier when they try to identify what keeps them smoking.

It is usual for hypnotherapists offering smoking cessation treatment to start by asking clients to log the details of each cigarette smoked in the course of a week or so.  The results are usually a revelation!

Clients become more self-aware as they identify the “triggers” that inevitably get them reaching for their cigarettes. The knowledge gained from closely observing their habit is then used to help smokers achieve their desired end: to become non-smokers.

For an investment of just £14.99 (possibly less if one shops around) there is an easy and enjoyable way of focusing on the smoking habit: buy and read Ten Stories about Smoking by Stuart Evers (Picador).

Evers has written ten short stories that will strike a chord with anyone who has ever smoked – or who has pondered the matter.

The book deals with the highs and lows of cigarette smoking, sensitively and sympathetically. The lowest point is undoubtedly the tenth story – “The Final Cigarette”– which would encourage anyone thinking of quitting!

Rather like the key ingredient of its subject matter, Ten Stories about Smoking is attractively packaged: it comes boxed like a flip-top packet of cigarettes. Content and “wrapping” make this book an ideal gift for any smoker. Buy it to give someone a nudge in the right direction!