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Weigh too much?

There’s more to successful weight management than just taking in fewer calories and upping activity levels. You will also need the knowledge to fill your food shopping trolley with more of the good and less of the bad, a set of weight-reducing strategies to alter your eating habits, and motivation to keep your weight management plans on track.

All of this is included in my hypnotherapy weight management programme.

With this programme, you will enjoy your food and you will be in control of your eating, totally aware that too much is always too much.

Whatever challenges you face – from unwanted habits such as perpetual snacking and poor portion control to the apparently irresistible compulsion to use food in an attempt to feel better – hypnosis will help you to manage your weight.

You carry within you the power to make yourself a successful manager of your own weight. Let’s get started!

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It’s that time of year again!

It’s time to start thinking about NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS…

There won’t be many people promising themselves that they’ll start smoking in 2016, but there are still a goodly number who would like help to make the new year the year that they become non-smokers.

If you truly want to stop smoking, you can – IF you are really determined to say goodbye (and good riddance!)  to that smoking habit…

Start by visiting our page: www.hypnotherapia.co.uk/category/treatments-for-stopping-smoking


Are your feelings eating you up?

This is the entry (submitted by artist Zoe Westwood) that won the British Obesity Society’s 2015 poster competition.

The message is clear: people sometimes eat in an attempt to overcome “bad” feelings; unhappily for them, it’s a strategy that doesn’t usually work in the way intended. They are unlikely to feel very much better – but they will probably get fatter!

Of course there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to “a little bit of what you fancy” – but that “little bit” must stay a little bit. Too much is always too much!

One important way in which hypnotherapy can help people seeking to control their weight is through addressing the “bad feelings” that underpin some eating habits.

“The psychologic factors in obesity are paramount…Treatment of the patient should be based on an understanding of the psychologic reasons for his overeating”. – S. Charles Freed, endocrinologist, 1947.


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To smoke or not to smoke…a New Year reminder that the choice is yours!

If you truly want to stop smoking, you can – IF you are really determined to say goodbye (and good riddance!) to that smoking habit…

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Is it ‘irrational’ to be afraid of heights?

A Hypnotherapist writes…

I am currently working with a client who has a fear of heights – a.k.a. acrophobia. He is highly self-critical and says his fear is “irrational” and “stupid”. Is it? Not necessarily, according to Australian researchers who say that “…heights often evoke fear in the general population…and this suggests that acrophobia might actually represent the hypersensitive manifestation of an everyday, rational fear”. That supposition should help acrophobics “normalise” their fear – an important step on the road to managing it.

(Research citation: Coelho, C. M. and Wallis, G. (2010), Deconstructing acrophobia: physiological and psychological precursors to developing a fear of heights. Depression & Anxiety, 27: 864–870. doi: 10.1002/da.20698)

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It’s all down to YOU!

If you truly want to stop smoking, you can – IF you are really determined to say goodbye (and good riddance!)  to that smoking habit…