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Hypnosis + Psychotherapy = Hypnotherapy.

We offer a scientific approach to hypnotherapy by basing all our treatments on substantiated psychological research findings. The success rate for hypnotic treatments is impressive, often achieving the desired result where other methods have failed. With consulting rooms in Thanet, Kent, and in central London, our hypnotherapy practice is well-placed to offer a personalised professional service to clients from across south-east England.



Our consulting rooms are located in Broadstairs, Kent, and in Harley Street, London, W1. For more information or to arrange a consultation, telephone Susan Forbes or Anthony Cox on

01843 861849 or 07881 783994

Our address is:

7 Alderney Gardens
St Peters
CT10 2TN


Your first consultation

We offer all of our clients an initial consultation of approximately an hour-and-a-half. This gives you the opportunity to discuss whatever is causing concern and to learn more about the undeniable benefits of hypnotherapy. Each subsequent consultation runs for about an hour.