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Smokers can try cycling for a change

An article in the current Guardian Weekend magazine quoted an Oxford University study which found that smokers who saw “No Smoking” signs were prompted “to crave a smoke”.  This was described as an “ironic effect”.  The article concluded that “the ‘No Smoking’ study highlights a problem…to persuade people not to do something, you first have to raise the issue, thereby increasing its salience in their minds…”

While agreeing that what you focus on E-X-P-A-N-D-S (in your consciousness), hypnotherapists will always require focussed attention from their smoking cessation clients. The salient point here is that it all depends where the smoker stands in relation to “The Cycle of Change”. The desire to give up smoking moves through a series of stages that make up this well-established cycle and the hypnotherapist’s aim is to identify where a client stands and to encourage progress to the next stage. Only the contented smoker not giving a thought to stopping will be exempt.

The cycle has these stages: thinking about change – preparing to change – making the change – maintaining the change – relapse. Hypnotherapy can help with entry to the cycle at any point. Success is judged by exiting the cycle as a non-smoker after demonstrably maintaining the change – which will have followed a great deal of mental activity!