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NHS Quit Kits – more needed!

Many smokers looking to quit will not have heard about the “new improved” NHS Quit Kits currently being given away free (until stocks run out) at selected Tesco, Sainsbury and Co-op stores. This is because the offer is not being advertised! Smokers who miss out on this invitation to kick the habit shouldn’t kick themselves instead. While the kits offer very useful “practical tools and advice to help you quit smoking for good”, they include only a one-week supply of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) patches. This would be better described as an “NRT starter pack” because a seven-day supply is most unlikely to provide enough help in countering the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that follow giving up cigarettes. Still, we live in interestingly difficult times, and perhaps a week’s NRT patches is about as generous as the public purse can be. What matters more is that the patches deal only with physical dependence. Successful quitting needs the addition of other methods to deal with the psychological issues involved. Linking NRT with hypnotherapy, for example, will make becoming a non-smoker very much more likely.