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No secondhand bargains here!

This week has seen two news stories about the potential risks to children’s well-being posed by secondhand tobacco smoke.

First, an American study of 55,358 children under the age of 12 found that those who lived with a smoker were more likely to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)  than children from smoke-free homes. Although the researchers conceded that because of the presence of other factors their study didn’t conclusively prove that the smoke-filled home was to blame, the mere suggestion ought to be enough to make smokers quit.

And in Wales, if a campaign to change attitudes towards smoking in cars does not succeed, a government ban has been threatened.

Since 2009 smoking has been banned in the UK within vehicles used for work or for public transport, but Welsh anti-smoking campaigners – citing an Aberdeen University study which suggested that children in a smoke-filled car might just as well sit in a smoke-filled pub – want the law extended.

Kids, eh? Can’t smoke with them, shouldn’t smoke without them…