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The cigarette smoke screen stops people seeing clearly

This blog is about smoking and is written by a therapist who uses hypnosis to help smokers quit. It focuses on the media’s treatment of the issue. Take, for example, The Times newspaper’s review of the book,  Ten Stories About Smoking

“This book reminds you that it’s not simply a filthy habit that makes you poor and dead, and hate yourself, and inadvertently start fires.” That’s what The Times said last Saturday in its review of Ten Stories About Smoking by Stuart Evers. We agree; smoking is a much more complicated matter than a simple filthy habit. Smoking may be a screen hiding personal issues that urgently require addressing. People need to explore why they continue to smoke, despite the expense, despite knowing of the threats to their own health (and the health of others) – and despite vigorous national campaigning against the habit. That is why hypnotherapy, which is hypnosis + psychotherapy, has proved so helpful to people looking to give up smoking.

:~) Today is NO SMOKING DAY – it’s also ASH WEDNESDAY!