Q. Does your waist measure more than half your height?
A. If it does, you are overweight.

Carrying a load of extra fat is a weighty personal matter (pun intended!).
When advised that “you could do with losing a bit of weight”, you’ll probably also be told, “Eat less, exercise more.” Which is sound advice (often for the giver as well as the receiver) but for most of us is just not enough to ensure the desired result.
The plain fact is there’s often more to successful weight management than just taking in fewer calories and upping activity levels, vital though these two elements are. You could also benefit from one more essential ingredient to keep your weight management plan on track…
You will need motivation to get your weight down – and to keep it down.
There will definitely be times when weight is properly a matter for advice from medical professionals but for those of us who know that there is nothing organically wrong and that all we really need is a trimmer waistline, the answer lies elsewhere than the doctor’s surgery.
And finding that answer could save hundreds of pounds (if not more!) spent – and often wasted through not being used – on special diets, supplements or gym memberships.
You don’t actually need a tape measure to know that you are overweight. You know how you feel about yourself when you run a critical eye over the figure you see in your mirror – or when you look at the clothes you are forced to buy to disguise the unwanted extra pounds you carry.
And that’s without acknowledging the health risks that go along with being overweight. Carrying too much weight opens up a catalogue of potential health horrors – with diabetes at the top of the list.
The problem with carrying unnecessary extra pounds is that obesity – overweight’s big sister – is always lurking in the background. First, you’re just a bit overweight and then you become quite a bit more overweight and then you become obese and then…
Does your waist measure more than half your height? If it does, you are overweight. And after overweight comes obese and then morbidly obese… None of us can say we haven’t been warned because hardly a day goes by without more disturbing news about the ever-spreading “obesity epidemic”!
The aim of a hypnotic weight management strategy is to help you achieve and maintain a weight (and waistline!) that’s right for you.
How? Not by focusing solely on a particular diet or a demanding exercise programme. Nor with bald willpower! One way to successfully taking control of your waistline could be to add the psychological approach offered by hypnotherapy to whatever method you choose to manage your weight.
This is because the answer to shedding unwanted weight lies between the ears.
Most diets are effective – in the short term. The problem is sticking to them
. Opting to add a psychological approach to managing your weight could help you get results that last.
Add the motivating power of hypnosis to good nutrition, sensible eating habits, portion control (which means calorie-cutting) and increased physical activity and you could gradually bring your waistline back to normal - and keep it there.
The techniques of hypnosis are as straightforward as the way you can measure whether or not you’re overweight.
First, you will discover that the hypnotherapist is a sympathetic and perceptive listener as you talk about yourself and your eating patterns. This can bring insight and understanding as to why your eating habits have led you to carry that extra weight that you do not need or want.
Mindless over-eating is most often the key problem.
In the next step, you will allow the hypnotherapist to help you enter a state of deep and comfortable relaxation…
And then you will calmly listen to and absorb your hypnotherapist’s carefully-crafted suggestions and self-hypnosis techniques. All of these suggestions will be personally tailored to fit your needs and intended solely to help you achieve your declared goal of taking control of your weight.
These empowering hypnotic suggestions can stay with you and give you the clear direction and motivation to encourage you to completely reform your relationship with food and so manage your weight and reshape your life.
Without help you could remain trapped in a manipulative environment that constantly tempts you to overeat by encouraging you to see food in the wrong way – as something other than essential fuel.
Whatever challenges you face – from unwanted habits such as perpetual snacking and poor portion control through to the apparently irresistible compulsion to use food in an attempt to feel better – hypnotherapy could help you to manage your weight.
Sensible eating + moderate exercise + hypnotherapy = the potential for successful weight management.
We offer a scientific approach to hypnotherapy by basing our treatments on psychological research findings. With consulting rooms in Broadstairs, Kent, our hypnotherapy practice is well-placed to offer a personalised service to clients from across south-east England.